What are Wormholes?
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What are Wormholes?

By Uma Gambhir

On a flat surface, the shortest way to get from point A to B is to walk in a straight line that connects the two points. But space is not flat, it is curved. To get from point A to B, you would traditionally go the long way on the curvature of space. But using a wormhole would get you there much faster. 

Does a wormhole look like a sphere? If not, what does it look like? - Quora

Einstein-Rosen Bridges

Einstein-Rosen Bridges are bridges between black holes and hypothetical white holes. Discovered as a solution to Einstein’s General Relativity equations, scientists Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen found that white holes can never be entered, opposite to black holes that pull in all surrounding matter and light. White holes spew out light and matter. As of now, these wormholes only exist mathematically—we have no proof that white holes exist.

Cosmic Strings

In string theory, it is hypothesized that the Big Bang caused little wrinkles to be made in the fabric of space. This resulted in cosmic strings. These wrinkles distort the space and time around them, similar to black holes and wormholes. String theorists think that every cosmic string could support a wormhole around it.

What prevents gravity from immediately closing wormholes?

Something has to keep wormholes open. This is where the idea of negative energy comes in. A wormhole has to be filled almost instantaneously with negative energy for it to not collapse immediately.